• Product Description : PROMOTIVNI CENI NA AKUMULATORI EXIDE ZA SITE VIDOVI NA VOZILA Najgolem svetski proizvoditel na akumulatori Lider vo najnovata tehnologija PROMO CENA GRATIS MONTAZA Classic* CODE -----Ah-----cena(eur)-----cena(MKD) EC550-----55------52,93----------3250 Excell** CODE-----AH-----cena(eur)-----cena(MKD) EB440-----44-------50,49----------3100 EB620-----62-------65,15----------4000 EB621-----62-------65,15----------4000 EB740-----74-------74,92----------4600 EB741-----74-------74,92----------4600 EB1000----100------98,53----------6050 HD08C----140------138,43---------8500,00 HD21C----180------197,07---------12100 HD14C----220------234,00---------12900,00 Premium*** CODE-----Ah-----cena(eur)-----cena(MKD) EA530-----53-------62,70----------3850 EA602-----60-------70,03----------4300 EA722-----72-------81,43----------5000 EA770-----77-------89,58----------5500 EA1000----100------101,79----------6250 Premium***(za japonski vozila) CODE-----AH-----cena(eur)-----cena(MKD) EA386-----38-------44,95----------2760 EA387-----38-------44,95----------2760 EA456-----45-------53,58----------3290 EA457-----45-------53,58----------3290 SAMO VO : BENELUX TUNING UL. SKUPI 57B ( nasprori benziskata pumpa na MAK OIL i SEAT KADIS ) TEL. 02 30 82 111 rabotno vreme od : 09 : 30 do 17 : 30 pon - pet 09 : 30 do 13 : 30 sab
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Benelux tuning (Beneluks tjuning)

  • Contact Person Name : Александар
  • Address : Скупи 57-а
  • city : Skopje , Macedonia
  • Telephone # : 3082111
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Refrigerator-vehicles for transporting food products
Thermo insulated body building of trucks – cold storages: The purpose of these upgrades is transportation and distribution of fresh and frozen food products under a controlled prescribed internal temperature. Depending on the temperature regime, there are several types of upgrades, differing only according to the insulation features of the container (BOX), i.e. defined in the ATP Agreement as: class A, class B or class C. - Body building of VANS involves thermal insulation of the cargo space of the van and installation of the refrigeration units. The temperature in the cargo area can be selected and controlled and thus insulated vehicles with refrigeration units are used for transportation of pharmaceuticals and other products. Depending on the built-in thermal insulation and its thermal characteristics as well as on the installed cooling system, according to the ATP. Agreement vans are classified as follows: Normal insulation, coefficient k = 0.7 – 0.4 W/m² ºC. Heavy insulation, coefficient k <0.4 W/m² ºC. Normally insulated vehicles are used for transportation of products that need to be conserved fresh at temperature regime from +0ºC to +12ºC and heavily insulated vehicles are used for transportation of frozen food products and non-food products at temperature regime from -0ºC to -18ºC .
Food transport refrigeration
We make production of vehicles for the transmission of any type of food. Temperature operating range of vehicles is dictated by what types of products ie food carry from 4 ° C to -20 ° C. The vehicles are usually made ​​from polyester walls and floor if you can be of a different material, or material that you'd choose to be. The floor can be made of aluminum panels 2 to 3mm, the polyester sheets with different thicknesses and also rubber lined floor with or without sand. Isolation of vans is stirodur which is the coefficient of heat transfer k = 0.032 W / m2K. They also create vehicles with hooks to carry the meat. For vehicles for ice cream, frozen foods and products that require temperatures below zero, there is the possibility of installing a second door in reducing the transfer of heat, that achieves faster required temperature in the workspace. Cooling system is the Italian firm Webasto Diavia which is a leading market for air conditioning in cars and trucks. Vehicles are tested.
LADA 4x4 3 doors
The LADA 4x4 comes with 3 doors, fuel consumption of 8.3 liters per 100 kilometers, a maximum speed of 137 kilometers per hour, etc..


  • Seller : VSK Grup
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 3,300 MKD

Battery acid

Акумулатор АМГ


UPS suited for heating pumps


Акумулатори за скутери 12 Волти (5) ...

  • Seller : Tuning Center
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 1,100 MKD / 935 MKD

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Brush for washing the car
Color: blue
Tire Kormoran F On Off
Tire for all wheel drive vehicles and a trailer. Tires for long and short trips on all asphalt roads. Specially produced for the steering axle vehicles for various purposes, which require a combined road and beyond. Reinforced shoulders provide very good resistance to abrasion. Tread is adapted winter conditions (M + S).
Heating controller (controllers) REHAU
Thermal power plant for upgrading the control valve on the collector heating circuits, normally closed. The indicator on the upper side of the closure valve Easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the valve adapter and press. Cable: 2 x 0.5 mm2 length 1 m "First-Open-Funktion" heating in the construction phase (before editing room thermostats). It can be installed in various valves through an adapter.

akumulator 12V 100 Ah

  • Seller : NIKOR DOO
  • Price VAT Included : 8,900 RSD

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Toyota iQ
Ние предизвикахме традиционното, като измислихме как трябва да изглежда един четириместен автомобил. iQ безкомпромисно преодолява ребусите на големия град чрез своя вдъхновяващ дизайн и изключителни технически нововъведения. Насладете се на неочаквано обширeн интериор, невероятна маневреност, свръхниски емисии СО2 и безкомпромисно ниво на безопасност.
Каравана Camper
Многофункционалният избор за активните туристи CAMPER е истински бестселър и затова редовно заема място на почетната стълбичка при избора на каравана на годината. Тайната му е скрита в невероятно практично замисленото вътрешно пространство, което предлага различни решения, съобразени с нуждите на потребителите. Особено предпочитан от клиентите е вариантът с голямата кръгла мека мебел. Тази каравана е истински център за свободното време и е предпочитана от активните туристи, заради удобното място за сядане, предразполагащо към задушевни разговори в приятна компания. Диванът лесно се превръща в удобно двойно легло, което може да подслони Вашите гости.


Акумулатори AutoPower

  • Seller : ENIKAR
  • Price VAT Included : 91 BGN

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Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark. Automatike 5 Dyer 5 Pasagjere A/C
Goma autoveturash
Gome autoveturash
Kembe motorri
Këmbë Motorri : Produkte të ndryshme për makina, vecanërisht pjesët prej gome dhe plastike si psh. këmbët e motorrit.

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