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Floral arrangements for Valentine's Day
For Valentine's Day give a bouquet full with lots of love and smiles ...

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Find the product that you need
ŽbunAqua is a unique watering system on a "drip", whose elements are so designed that even in extreme weather conditions facilitates specificity unusually rapid growth of seedlings for future miraculous hedge. All components of this product have been tried and tested in many countries and have proven to be very good. žbunAqua The package includes: - 10 m hose, - 1 port for connecting to a standard pipe in the garden (the tap-tap) - One final element to close the system, - One connecting part for connecting more pipes for irrigation žbunAqua if the length of the hedge required.   This element can connect two hoses for watering and thus extend it. There is an external clamp for hoses, as is the case in other systems dropwise.   This element can be mounted both on the hose for watering is also no external hose clamps. This part is used to close the garden hose and also does not require an external clamp hose.   1 package is sufficient for watering 10 m hedges.
Miraculous bushes
Miraculous Bushes is a brand name, which marks on the one hand first class (premium) product and a unique system of services on the other. Tsonga elm (Ulmus pumila celer): fast growing (in 2 years up to 3 meters) ** creates a pleasant shade, maintenance is notdemanding, excellent protection from dust, protect from noise, plant growth can be regulated. **: The intensity of plant growth partly depends on the soil structure, as well as its chemical composition, which is often referred to as nutrient soil. The plant is grown and prepared to respond to Canadian phytopathological requirements that are the most stringent in the world. Our seedlings were treated against rot root disease. Confirmation of this will be indicated on your invoice. IMPORTANT! All this is important because of what one bad decision can ruin a long-term soil in your garden. It is a deciduous plant with green, glossy leaves and small, from which it can form a dense hedge. *ULMUS club membership* You, as a buyer of miraculous bushes, automatically become a member ULMUS club. Your account number, which follows the plant during delivery is also your ID number in ULMUS Club. If you are satisfied with the plant that we have sent to you and you want to buy more, as a member of the Club you already get a discount on this package, or, in the case of recommending a plant to their friends, we pay you a commission upon purchase if you provide your identification number (ie,. Account number ). These types of plants tolerate planting in any land. If you want to grow more intense, more frequently water the plant. Care >> When you reach the height you want, sufficient is a small amount of water, and the growth of her is slower. Annual growth is to a height of 1.2 meters to 1.80 *** and becomes even denser. Maximum plant height is 5 feet ***. For 1.5-2 years *** hedge will grow to the height of a conventional fence. *** A measure of the value expressed in numbers, may have a different value depending on the content of nutrients and soil structure. Is able to withstand cutting, and thanks to the small sheets, can be easily formed into any physical form. ADVANTAGES: 1 rapid growth, the possibility of greater shadow, 2 keeping dust out of the enclosure 3 high degree of adaptation to all kinds of soil and weather conditions 4 low cost of planting. We receive your order for delivery in autumn planting!
SöviTex mat
Special woven mat, which is available in stores under the brand name "söviTex" to cover the surface of the ground, under the above-ground parts of the plant. Retains soil moisture and optimizes request of plants for moisture and protects the environment seedlings of weeds. Confectioned for a width of 60 cm and 10 m in length. (dimensions: lane 10 m length, 60 cm width in one package) ADVANTAGES: 1 It is not necessary pleviti; 2 Saves soil moisture; 3 Suspended water in the soil; 4 provides optimal air circulation in the surface layer of soil; 5 contributions density and create a healthy, intensely green hedges. Maintaining optimum soil moisture encourages better and more rapid growth "wonderful hedge" and should therefore recommends the use söviTex mats .Njena dense texture PE waterproof, and also the possibility of good ventilation, as the land would not change the pH-value and become sour. At the same time, prevents the emergence of weeds and protect the soil against rapid evaporation and drying, as well as skinning. The mat is woven PE fibers debljine15-25 microns. Texture consists of fibers the thickness of a matchstick. Mat impervious to light up soil around the roots of plants, and thus prevents the germination and growth of weeds. Because of uniform thickness and uniform fiber fabric, it is possible to balanced water leaks at every square cm.

Automatska pojilica za ovce i koze


Atomizer MARYAMA MD 150DX

  • Company : ALPINASTAR
  • Price VAT Included : 32,338 RSD

Agricultural Equipment on MarketKonekt.

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